Weezer concert: 03/26/1995

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Weezer concert: 03/26/1995
Tour World Domination Tour
Venue The Avalon
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Date March 26, 1995
Tour Mngr Andy Proudfoot
Weezer live show chronology
03/25/1995 - Montreal, QC, Canada 03/26/1995 - Boston, MA 03/28/1995 - New York, NY

Weezer performed at the Avalon in Boston, MA on March 26, 1995 as part of the World Domination Tour.


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  1. @mindykaling "I saw @weezer when I was 16 with friends at Avalon in Boston. I remember it being the best show ever and wondered about the set list. And I found it! Sometimes I love the internet. Why am I sharing this, nobody knows" Twitter. 3 December 2022. https://twitter.com/mindykaling/status/1599128768794460160