Weezer concert: 04/29/2005

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Weezer concert: 04/29/2005
Tour Make Believe Tour
Venue The Warfield
Location San Francisco, CA
Date April 29, 2005
Associated album Make Believe
Supporting acts Ringside
Debuts Pardon Me
Weezer live show chronology
04/27/2005 - Seattle, WA 04/29/2005 - San Francisco, CA 04/30/2005 - Indio, CA

Weezer performed at the The Warfield in San Francisco, CA on April 29, 2005 as part of the Make Believe Tour. The opening act was Ringside.

Set list

No. Title
1. "Hash Pipe"    
2. "Tired of Sex"    
3. "Slob"    
4. "Buddy Holly"    
5. "This Is Such A Pity"    
6. "The Good Life"    
7. "Say It Ain't So"    
8. "My Name Is Jonas"    
9. "Island in the Sun"    
10. "In the Garage"    
11. "Beverly Hills"    
12. "No One Else"    
13. "We Are All on Drugs"    
14. "Getchoo"    
15. "Hold Me"    
16. "Haunt You Every Day"    
No. Title
17. "Pardon Me"    
18. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 04/29/2005

...The Warfield is just a great place to see a show, and a fun place to host one. Kudos to the very helpful staff making it all happen with a smile. Also kudos to the experienced security staff keeping things safe around the backstage doors when all kinds of wild characters (not the fans, but troublemakers and roughnecks) seem to zero in on the block the Warfield is situated on!

Tonight was a hometown show of sorts for Ringside as several members are from the Bay Area, and their response from the crowd was appropriately kicked up a notch. They do seem to be winning many people over so far this tour, which is cool because they are doing a great job.

Weezer is working harder than ever this tour, doing all they can to dial in the songs as tight as possible. The spirit of cooperation and professionalism is alive and kicking, and each show so far has sounded better to me than the one before, and it wasnt too shabby to start with. we'll see how the sudden shift to a massive outdoor show setting (Coachella) is handled tomorrow.

the after show scene downstairs was packed with guests and VIPs, including weezer's 2000 tour manager/soundman Neil Young (the other Neil Young!) and AM Radio/Food leadman Kevin Ridel.

Bus DVDs (Bus #2 - Brian, Scott + others) so far: 'Waiting For Guffman' (required), SCTV box set (big thumbs up), 'Million Dollar Hotel' (thumbs mostly down), 'White Chicks' (ejected before the halfway mark.) Coming up: Rolling Stones Rock N Roll Circus!
- Karl Koch


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