Weezer concert: 12/10/2014

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Set list

Acoustic set

  1. "You Gave Your Love to Me Softly"
  2. "Why Bother?"
  3. "King"
  4. "El Scorcho"
  5. "December"
  6. "The Good Life"
  7. "Island in the Sun" (feat. Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant)
  8. "No Other One"
  9. "Buddy Holly"


  1. "Ain't Got Nobody"
  2. "Back to the Shack"
  3. "Eulogy for a Rock Band"
  4. "Lonely Girl"
  5. "I've Had It Up to Here"
  6. "The British Are Coming"
  7. "Da Vinci"
  8. "Go Away" (feat. Danielle Sullivan)
  9. "Cleopatra"
  10. "Foolish Father"
  11. "The Waste Land"
  12. "Anonymous"
  13. "Return to Ithaka"


  1. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"


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