Da Vinci

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"Da Vinci"
Da Vinci cover
Single by Weezer
Album Everything Will Be Alright in the End
Released October 7, 2014
Recorded 2014, The Village, Los Angeles, CA
Length 4:06
Label Republic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo/Josh Alexander
Producer Ric Ocasek
Status Officially released
Live debut October 7, 2014
Stream Play on spotify.png Spotify
Play on Apple Music.png Apple Music
Weezer singles chronology
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"Da Vinci"
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Everything Will Be Alright in the End track listing
"The British Are Coming"
"Da Vinci"
"Go Away"

"Da Vinci" is the seventh track and second single from Everything Will Be Alright in the End. The cover art was created by a fan and was selected from a contest the band held in the Weezer Fan Club. A notable entry that was not selected featured the lyrics written down and scribbled out with the lyric "I'm at a loss for words" predominantly displayed. No music video was created for this single. In December 2017, an early version of the song was leaked, along with the rest of the album.



I tried taking a picture of you
When I look at it nothing comes through
Sometimes I wonder if you're just a ghost
Then I wonder who's haunting who most
I tried describing you to all my friends
But they just told me to polish my lens
You're sui generis, my sweetheart
I don't even know where to start

Even Da Vinci couldn't paint you
And Stephen Hawking can't explain you
Rosetta Stone could not translate you
I'm at a loss for words
I'm at a loss for words
I couldn't put it in a novel
I wrote a page but it was awful
Now I just want to sing your gospel
I'm at a loss for words
I'm at a loss for words

I looked you up on ancestry.com
There was no record of dad or of mom
It's like you fell straight out of the sky
And left the scholars to figure out why
I like to think that I know quite a lot
But with you it feels like I forgot
I wish that I could explain who you are
But when I try to I never get far

We've come so far
Now here we are
We made it through the night
I know we will be stronger still
Everything will be alright

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