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The following page holds the content that will be "transcluded" (i.e. sent over to) the Main Page as a featured song for January 2024. For assistance with editing, please consult Help:Featured song.

Featured song: "Spiderbitch"

"Spiderbitch" is a Rivers Cuomo demo from 1990. It is one of the earliest songs that Weezer recorded and performed live together.

Cuomo recorded various demos of the song throughout 1990 into early 1991, including one with Patrick Wilson as Fuzz. Wilson recorded a solo 4-track version of the song in 1991. Eventually, the song was practiced by Weezer in its earliest practices and live shows, including its first live show at Raji's Club on March 19, 1992. The song was played live two additional times that year.

The Recording History further labels "Spiderbitch" as a 60 Wrong Sausages song, meaning it was practiced by three distinct bands that Cuomo and Wilson formed together. Cuomo released three demos of the song on digital compilation Alone V: Before Weezer on November 22, 2020.

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