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Featured song: "Prodigy Lover" Icon - YouTube.png

"Prodigy Lover" is an unreleased Weezer song, demoed in the sessions leading up to Make Believe.

The song was first recorded during the Album 5 Demos, and later revisited multiple times throughout the lengthy, stop-and-start recording process that produced Make Believe. It was reworked (and renamed) several times. During the Acoustic Office Demos, it was renamed "Kings Of Money," then later retitled "Show Me Who You Are," followed by "Happy Robot," and finally "I'm a Robot," which shares a Catalog O' Riffs entry with "Prodigy Lover." "Show Me Who You Are" would not see release until it was leaked in 2020, when Rivers Cuomo was preparing to release demo bundles on his website. "I'm a Robot" was released on the 2010 career-spanning compilation Death to False Metal.

Though the song’s meaning has never been confirmed, some fans speculate that the song is about Matt Sharp, as “Prodigy” could refer to the model of Moog synthesizer.

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