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Hi! I'm Jason. If you'd like to connect about anything =wp= related, post on my talk page!

About me
Draggy girl.png My pronouns are they/them.
Icon - Globe.png I live in Los Angeles.
I am 29 years old.
Aboutme - antistache.jpg I am PRO-moustache.
Icon - Scott Shriner is so hardcore.png Scott Shriner is so harcore that he adopts adorable dogs. GVOD.
ADM I am a Weezerpedia admin.
Aboutme - Day1.jpg I've been a user since day 1.

Things I Don't Know How To Do But Would Like To Do

| Last album  = ''[[Make Believe]]''<br>(2005)
| This album  = '''''Weezer (The Red Album)'''''<br>(2008)
| Next album  = ''[[Troublemaker Remixes]]''<br>(2008)
    • You would just write in [[Template:RedChronology]] and it would populate it from a template. This would make editing quicker and also standardize our chronologies in albumboxes, which vary pretty wildly from album to album (some include EP's, some don't, etc.).