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Hi! I'm Jason. If you'd like to connect about anything =wp= related, post on my talk page!

About me
ADM I am a Weezerpedia admin.
Aboutme - Day1.jpg I've been a user since day 1.

Past/Current/Future projects

  • find something fun to do with Special:Random and the edit link
  • beef Help:Main Page?
  • get click pics in the equipment nav template
  • update featured image templates to be on the image pages, not the image talk pages. also update featured image help accordingly.
  • nav templates for everything
  • merch history pages
  • embed featured video playlist on video gallery page
  • get aboutme pictures on topics for discussion
  • "Love Is the Answer" hindi lyrics.
  • user interview suggestion page like Archive:Weezerpedia:Karl Interview
  • pages for the characters of SFTBH
  • nav template for SFTBH
  • figure out what's going on with ___NOTOC___
  • making badges to commemorate users?
  • birthday cake icon for birthday headline updates
  • making the main gallery page an imagemap, or at least more navigable.
  • adding RC and COR numbers to the List of Weezer songs page / making it possible to navigate songs by COR and RC#s.
  • beefing the Kyoko Ito Cuomo page.
  • make some pages for the huge amount of bad links on the List of Weezer cover songs page.
  • clean up The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo and make The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo updated table
  • Sync up the lyrics sections with the written lyrics for all song pages that have a handwritten lyrics sheet.
  • Get tracklists and more info on the Weezer discography page.
  • Make Memories Tour and the accompanying tour date pages.
  • Update Weezerpedia:Upcoming events
  • get in touch with other editors
    • fill this list out more
    • everybody gets tasks?
  • update facebook account more often - new featured articles, etc.
  • update site design like new wikipedia?
  • donations?
  • get us a better attention-grabbing spot on .com
  • equipment pages
  • work with AllThingsWeezer
  • finish Weezerpedia:Drafts:Song review
  • make a "Multiple Issues" template
  • make an aboutme box for ages that updates on birthdays
  • archive the bios on
  • make Weezerpedia:Archives

Long term goals

  • new lay out for the main page
  • splash page?
  • Weezerpedia version of Wikiquote (not separate site, just pages for band members)
  • Weezerpedia version of Wiktionary?
  • Full transcripts of all liner notes
  • Archive tweets
  • Archive this
  • Integrate more youtube videos
  • Standardizing song pages.
  • Getting tabs, chords, or any type of written music of songs on every song page. - (asked the Facebook group)
  • adding needed artist, song, and album infoboxes.
  • Archive old featured songs, images, and articles.
  • publicizing Weezerpedia as much as possible
    • getting Weezerpedia pages higher up on google searches
  • filling out gallery pages with more pictures
  • Interview any pertinent people: Band members, Karl, Sarah C. Kim, Jason Cropper, Matt Sharp, Kevin Ridel, Jason Moore, Relationship members, opening acts, Rentals members (former and current), former that dog. members, moderators of A6 and the .com forums, Josh Freese, Leia Bell, Leaves Cuomo, weezercollector, any of the people featured here, producers, people influenced by Weezer, critics of Weezer, record execs...
  • archive the info pages of .com
  • COR and RC pages
  • archive the song blog posts
  • weezerpedia merch
    • giveaway deals like atw did w/ geffen
  • make pages for every band on Lists of the bands that Weezer has toured with
  • archive more concerts using weezed
  • Transfer over all needed images from the AllThingsWeezer media archive.
  • a page for every section of certain things (ex: Fan reception of "Say It Ain't So" would be it's own page.)
  • archive more Karl's Corner posts
  • work with Karl on projects
  • cover bands
  • tribute albums
  • more content about fans
  • REALLY improve our help sections
  • bots?
  • archive news articles
  • super chrono?

In progress

Finished stuff!

Things I Don't Know How To Do But Would Like To Do

| Last album  = ''[[Make Believe]]''<br>(2005)
| This album  = '''''Weezer (The Red Album)'''''<br>(2008)
| Next album  = ''[[Troublemaker Remixes]]''<br>(2008)
    • You would just write in [[Template:RedChronology]] and it would populate it from a template. This would make editing quicker and also standardize our chronologies in albumboxes, which vary pretty wildly from album to album (some include EP's, some don't, etc.).