Yellow Camaro

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"Yellow Camaro"
Yellow Camaro cover
Album track by Space Twins
Album The End of Imagining
Released November 4, 2003
Recorded 2002—2003
Label Raga Drop Records
Writer(s) Brian Bell
Status Officially released
Live debut March 12, 2002 in Oporto, Portugal (Weezer)
The End of Imagining track listing
"There's Always Tomorrow"
"Yellow Camaro"
"Nothing for Love"
Death to False Metal (International version) track listing
"Unbreak My Heart"
"Yellow Camaro"
"Outta Here"
Alternate cover
Cover of Death to False Metal
Cover of Death to False Metal

"Yellow Camaro" is the fourth track on The End of Imagining, the debut album by Brian Bell's side project the Space Twins. It was previously recorded by Weezer, but not released until 2010 as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Death to False Metal.


"Yellow Camaro" was written by Weezer guitarist Brian Bell. Following the recording of Weezer's fourth album, Maladroit, the band immediately began work on a fifth. These recording sessions produced what are colloquially known as the "album 5 demos," and include songwriting contributions by members of the band other than frontman Rivers Cuomo. "Yellow Camaro" was attempted in various studios beginning in late winter and continuing throughout the summer of 2002, though all songs from these sessions were, ultimately, scrapped. The song was performed live a handful of times in March and May of 2002.

"Yellow Camaro" was revisited by Bell the following year for The End of Imagining, an album by his Space Twins side-project.

A 2002 take of the song appeared as a Japanese bonus track to Weezer's 2010 compilation album Death To False Metal. This version contains a few minor overdubs not present on the previously heard mixes from 2002, including a short synth part before the chorus.

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Weezer Yellow Camaro 2002-03-08-weezer_yellow_camaro.mp3 March 78, 2002[1] Westlake Recording Studios, West Hollywood, CA 2:06 Released on
Weezer Yellow Camaro WEEZER-2002-04-21_Yellow_Camaro.mp3 April 7[2]22, 2002 Cello Studios, Los Angeles, CA 1:59 Released on
Weezer Yellow Camaro June 21July 2, 2002[3] Sunset Sound Recorders, Los Angeles, CA Unknown if same version as Death to False Metal bonus track
Weezer Yellow Camaro 2002 ? 1:54 Death to False Metal (Japan)
Space Twins Yellow Camaro 2003 Sandbox Studio, Los Angeles, CA 2:16 The End of Imagining
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Live appearances


Space Twins


When the wheels are in motion for good time
God bless the U.S. assembly line
It’s a game when you play with high octane
That’s the pace of the race we're following

Ride on
Yellow Camaro
Yellow Camaro

With freedom of eagles you soar high
God bless, what a mess, yet still we fly
It’s a shame that we’ve done such a dumb thing
That’s the pace of the race we're following

Ride on
Yellow Camaro
Yellow Camaro

(Oh, no)

Ride on
Yellow Camaro
Yellow Camaro

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