Zep Jamb

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"Zep Jamb"
Demo by Weezer
Length 2:16
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 604
COR# 285
Status Circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 603)
"Zep Jamb"
(RC# 604)
"December (Only Love)"
(RC# 605)
This song is part of the "Tell Me What You Want" lineage of songs

"Zep Jamb" (previously known as "The Zep Song" and "I'm Not In Love") is a Maladroit-era Demo.


"Zep Jamb" is first known to have been demoed under the title "I'm Not In Love" during the Hooptie Tour at Monster Island Studios in Washington, D.C. on May 27, 2001. This recording was among several from those sessions released to the band's official website as a free MP3. The song was recorded again for the BBC Radio 1 show The Evening Session on June 13, 2001, but was not broadcast and was not finished until the band returned to Los Angeles on July 9. The song was performed live (under the title "Zep Song") at every concert on the Euro Freak Out Tour, and at two shows in New York and Philadelphia, respectively. The song was attempted only once (under the title "Zep Jamb") during the studio sessions for Maladroit, on January 9, 2002, before the song was, ultimately, abandoned.

The song's title is a likely reference to the band Led Zeppelin. The lyrics "lay money down" are similar to lyrics from the songs Living Loving Maid and Heartbreaker ("you better lay your money down", "How the fellas lay their money down").

The guitar riff and verse from "Zep Jamb" were later appropriated as the bridge to the song "Tell Me What You Want", recorded in contention for (though ultimately excluded from) the 2021 album Van Weezer.


Live performances


"Zep Song", Summer 2001

Say baby, love me
Lay money down
Say baby, lay money down

I'm not in love with you
I'm not in love with you
I'm not in love, makin' love
All right

"Zep Jamb", Maladroit Sessions (January 9, 2002)

All right
Say baby, love me
Lay your money down (Double down)
Say baby, lay your money down

Roll over, you're playing dead
Now I've served your needs
Find someone else you can be

Cause I'm not in love with you (Makin' love)
I'm not in love with you (Makin' love)
I'm not in love, makin love
All right

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