3 Titres Inédits

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3 Titres Inédits
3 Titres Inédits cover
by Weezer
Released 2002
Length 9:02
Label Geffen Records, Polydor

3 Titres Inédits (translated, "3 Unpublished Titles") is the name commonly used to refer to the 3-track bonus CD bundled with the Green Album for the French 2002 promotion "Happy New Ears". As it includes the "correct" mix of the B-side "Always", it is sometimes referred to as the "Always" promo.


To boost the sales of the Green Album (originally released in 2001), the band's European record label, Polydor, ran a limited early 2002 promotion in French record stores called "Happy New Ears" which bundled copies of the album with a promotional disc. The promo was housed in a cardboard sleeve and attached by shrink-wrap to the front of the main album, with unique hype stickers placed on top. It featured live performances of two of the album's tracks (both recorded during the Extended Midget Tour in December 2001) as well as an exclusive remixed version of the B-side "Always", also included on the charity compilation Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog. The promo's printed track list has incorrect song lengths for "Don't Let Go" and "Always". Only 3,000 copies of the promo were produced, as per its packaging.

Recounting the promotion later in 2002, Karl Koch alleged that Polydor halted it partway through its rollout in response to the album success on its own in France. Whether all 3,000 copies of the promo were pressed and bundled with the album is unknown, however sealed and bundled copies have surfaced. Additionally, the promo CD may or may not have been sold on its own by some record stores, although its packaging notes (in French) it is "prohibited for sale".

this cd was originally intended to be packaged with the Green Album in France, as a special bonus cd shrinkwrapped to the main CD. Apparently the French record company decided the promotion wasn't necessary due to the Green Albums sucess in France, and the idea was scrapped. However, a small amount of the actual promo cd were in fact pressed. The live songs are from the Extended Midget Tour, the Always 'remix' is the same mix as the b-side found elsewhere.

- Karl Koch, Collectors Discography - Page 3

A pre-release CD-R version of the promo disc exists, likely used as a prototype within the record company or distributed for radio play.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Crab" (Live @ Columbus (12/05/2001)) 3:02
2. "Don't Let Go" (Live @ Kalanazoo[sic] (12/06/2001)) 3:19
3. "Always" (Jack Joseph Puig Remix (inédit)) 2:41


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