AOL Music interview with Rivers Cuomo - September 14, 2005

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Note: The following interview was conducted by AOL Music via AOL Instant Messenger. Rivers used the screen name MakeBleaveWeezer to conduct the interview. This was the ONLY time this screen name was used.

AOLmusicTye: hi rivers! :)

AOLmusicTye: where are you right now?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I'm in the dressing room in Austin, Texas

AOLmusicTye: cool. do you have a show there tonight?

MakeBleaveWeezer: yes

AOLmusicTye: how's the tour been going so far?

MakeBleaveWeezer: good

AOLmusicTye: i saw Weezer play at coachella back in april. You guys were great!

MakeBleaveWeezer: it was okay

MakeBleaveWeezer: we've gotten much better since then ;)

AOLmusicTye: so what makes a really great show for you?

MakeBleaveWeezer: you mean as a performer or a spectator?

AOLmusicTye: as a performer... what distinguishes a good show from a great show?

MakeBleaveWeezer: the only gauge to judge a performance is the happiness of the audience

MakeBleaveWeezer: which is something that's not always easy to know as a performer, but that's what we're trying to gauge it by

AOLmusicTye: gotcha.

MakeBleaveWeezer: I feel like now we're generating a lot of happiness in the audience

AOLmusicTye: and really, that's what it's all about

AOLmusicTye: so, we're really digging your new video, 'We Are All on Drugs'

AOLmusicTye: it's a terrific song

MakeBleaveWeezer: yeah, this is one of my favorite videos too, that we've ever made

MakeBleaveWeezer: the concept is me just walking around town encountering all these people that are acting as if they're totally whacked out on drugs and all these bad things happen to me and finally I return home and strap on my guitar and rock out with the band

MakeBleaveWeezer: I hope it gets played

AOLmusicTye: how did you like filming the 'Beverly Hills' at the playboy mansion?

MakeBleaveWeezer: it was okay but seeing as how I'm celibate, it wasn't like I could really take advantage of the opportunity

AOLmusicTye: wow. that's, uh... highly ironic:)

AOLmusicTye: how long have you been celibate?

AOLmusicTye: it's not a position most rock musicians subscribe to

MakeBleaveWeezer: it was 2 years on june 13

AOLmusicTye: that must take a lot of discipline

AOLmusicTye: i understand you meditate a lot as well

AOLmusicTye: are the two related somehow?

MakeBleaveWeezer: yeah they are

MakeBleaveWeezer: I decided to try celibacy because I heard it would help the meditation

MakeBleaveWeezer: and I tried meditation because I heard it would help with the music

MakeBleaveWeezer: so it all really comes back to the music

AOLmusicTye: interesting.

AOLmusicTye: so how has meditating affected your music?

MakeBleaveWeezer: well ultimately I think the fans should judge for themselves.

MakeBleaveWeezer: Listen to 'Make Believe' and compare it to the previous album, 'Maladroit'

MakeBleaveWeezer: I know I can hear a difference in my singing

MakeBleaveWeezer: My voice just sounds much more sensitive and dynamic now

MakeBleaveWeezer: I also notice a difference in the lyrics

MakeBleaveWeezer: I'm much more open and communicative about my emotions now

MakeBleaveWeezer: I also notice a difference in the contributions from the other band members

MakeBleaveWeezer: Now, you might wonder what my meditation practice has to do with the other members' contributions, but I think my meditation has allowed me to be a better collaborator in the studio

MakeBleaveWeezer: I don't have so much fear that I won't get my way

MakeBleaveWeezer: I don't have so much anger if people have opposing opinions

MakeBleaveWeezer: and generally I'm much more happy and comfortable in collaborative situations.

MakeBleaveWeezer: So I think the guys finally got an opportunity to really shine on this album

MakeBleaveWeezer: but ultimately I think the listeners should judge for themselves.

AOLmusicTye: so with this new perspective, does it change the way you think about the albums you've done previously? are there any songs you don't fell comfortable performing now or anything?

MakeBleaveWeezer: yeah there are a few lyrics here and there that I alter live

MakeBleaveWeezer: just because they just feel a little violent

MakeBleaveWeezer: and I don't need to be like that

AOLmusicTye: can you give us an example?

MakeBleaveWeezer: no

MakeBleaveWeezer: you have to come to the show and hear for yourself :)

AOLmusicTye: heh. ok. fair enough :)

AOLmusicTye: so, watching your videos, you've had a ton of co-stars in the past

AOLmusicTye: muppets, panthers, playmates

AOLmusicTye: the fonz :)

AOLmusicTye: who's been the most fun to work with?

MakeBleaveWeezer: probably the most intriguing was the baby chimpanzee in 'Island in the Sun'

MakeBleaveWeezer: it was so human

AOLmusicTye: yeah, that video is really special

AOLmusicTye: is there anyone (or anything) you're dying to work with?

AOLmusicTye: either in video, or on record?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I wouldn't say I'm really dying to work with anyone

MakeBleaveWeezer: I've always thought the woman from Evanescence has a great voice.

MakeBleaveWeezer: If I was ever going to do a duet, I'd like to do it with someone like her

MakeBleaveWeezer: We're supposed to collaborate with Snoop Dogg on something in the near future

AOLmusicTye: snoop dogg!? that's awesome.

AOLmusicTye: are you a fan of hip-hop in general?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I'm a fan of everything in general

AOLmusicTye: a lot of 'emo' bands credit weezer as a big inspiration.

AOLmusicTye: do you listen to a lot of that stuff?

AOLmusicTye: or are there any young bands that are really catching your ear?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I've been hearing thatKillers song a lot

MakeBleaveWeezer: I think it's incredible

AOLmusicTye: it's super catchy, right?

MakeBleaveWeezer: super emotional too, if you ask me

AOLmusicTye: agreed.

AOLmusicTye: anybody else?

MakeBleaveWeezer: young rock bands?

AOLmusicTye: or whatever else is in heavy rotation for you

MakeBleaveWeezer: I listen to the Billboard Hot 100, so I hear the most popular songs from all the different formats

MakeBleaveWeezer: Everything from country to hip-hop to metal to alternative to pop

MakeBleaveWeezer: I don't hear too many "young rock bands" on there though

AOLmusicTye: so what do you do often in the rare moments you have spare time?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I don't really have spare time :)

MakeBleaveWeezer: Most mornings when I wake up, the first thing I do is write out a schedule for the day so I make sure I'm making the best possible use of my time.

MakeBleaveWeezer: But some of the activities I engage in besides Weezer-related activities or meditation are reading and writing essays, or working on special projects--like right now there's some talk about making a documentary film about my trip to Indiathat's happening this November

AOLmusicTye: Cool. What's the trip for?

MakeBleaveWeezer: I'm going to do a meditation course (see

AOLmusicTye: i found a picture of youkayaking on your myspace site recently

AOLmusicTye: is that something you do often?

MakeBleaveWeezer: No I'm not a big kayaker

MakeBleaveWeezer: I really enjoyed it that time though

AOLmusicTye: I also heard a rumor that you're going back to Harvard in the spring?

MakeBleaveWeezer: yeah, i'm going back to school in February and i'll graduate in June with a degree in English.

AOLmusicTye: that's excellent. good luck with that.

MakeBleaveWeezer: thank you :)

AOLmusicTye: well, seems we're out of time

AOLmusicTye: it's been great chatting with you

MakeBleaveWeezer: it's been great chatting with you

AOLmusicTye: lol

AOLmusicTye: great minds thinking alike! :D

MakeBleaveWeezer: indeed J

AOLmusicTye: see you on the road!

MakeBleaveWeezer: see you

AOLmusicTye: ok thanks so much - bye!

MakeBleaveWeezer: signed off at 4:34 P.M.