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Addicted to Noise was an online music magazine - founded independently in 1994 - that published until 1997[1]. The site's reporting was frequently used as a source by MTV throughout Weezer's early years, and its writers covered the band numerous times.


Date Title Author Archived link
September 23, 1996 Historic event: 09/23/1996 (transcript shared by Karl Koch) Clare Kleinedler[citation needed] [citation needed]
December 1996 "Weezer's Uncomfortable Success" Clare Kleinedler Archive via Wayback Machine
1996[date?] "Weezer Revealed: The Rivers Cuomo Interview" Clare Kleinedler, Michael Goldberg Archive via Wayback Machine
May 27, 1997 "Ex-Weezer Guitarist Ready To Take Off With Chopper One" Gil Kaufman Archive via Wayback Machine[clarification needed]
May 29, 2001 "Weezer's Bell Heading for the Ozone With Space Twins" Clare Kleinedler [citation needed]
c. August 1997 "Addicted to Noise interview with Matt Sharp - November 17, 1998" Gil Kaufman [citation needed]
November 17, 1998 Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli liner notes Clare Kleinedler [citation needed]

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  1. [1] "Coming Nov. 1: “Addicted To Noise: The Music Writings Of Michael Goldberg”" Promotional page for anthology release of Michael Goldberg's writings. Goldberg was the founder of Addicted to Noise.