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All Things Weezer Tribute Album 2020-2021

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AllThingsWeezer Tribute Album 2020-2021
AllThingsWeezer Tribute Album 2020-2021 cover
Tribute album by AllThingsWeezer
Released February 11, 2021
Format digital
Genre Alternative rock
Length 46:36
AllThingsWeezer chronology
Allthingsweezer.com presents The 2017 Weezer Tribute Album
AllThingsWeezer Tribute Album 2020-2021

All Things Weezer Tribute Album 2020-2021 is a tribute album by members of the All Things Weezer (formerly Albumsix) fan forums. It was released February 11, 2021.


No. TitleArtist Length
1. "His Name Is Brian, Brian Bell"  wepeel65 0:26
2. "Crazy One (The bench Boys Love You version)"  bench 3:30
3. "Hide into the Sun"  jonas5000 2:06
4. "Suicide Pilot"  lazrpro 3:57
5. "Congratulations"  wepeel65 1:37
6. "Movie Theater"  DJ Vortivask 3:48
7. "Trippin' down the Freeway"  Benthony 4:15
8. "Pig"  fanoftheyear 3:37
9. "Feels Like Summer"  dundundun 3:43
10. "When We Were Young"  Brendan 3:10
11. "Mad Kow"  StGrunu 3:35
12. "With You in Mind"  renthepen w2910 2:13
13. "I've Thrown It All Away"  betch 6:27
14. "Longtime Sunshine"  fanoftheyear 3:59
Total length:

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