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Annie cover
Album track by That Dog
Album Retreat from the Sun
Released 1997
Recorded N/A
Length 3:40
Label DGC
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Brad Wood and That Dog
Status Released
Retreat from the Sun track listing
"Every Time I Try"

"Annie" is the seventh track on That Dog's third album, Retreat from the Sun.


You look like an angel
Your blue eyes leave a steel impression
My friends miss you coming around
People talking 'bout it all over town
I never knew you then I know you now
I don't know how, I don't know how

You sit in your house
You're writing out your will
He'll be there holding your baby
And I'll be there holding him still
He said "let me take you out so you can have some fun,
But can we take your car 'cause I don't have one?"

This is like a car crash
It's in my car and he's driving
He said "let's go for a ride
I'll take you anywhere you want to go?"
I asked if maybe I could drive
He said "no" - he said "no"
But can we take your car 'cause i don't have one
I don't know how

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