Every Time I Try

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"Every Time I Try"
Every Time I Try cover
Album track by That Dog
Album Retreat from the Sun
Released 1997
Recorded N/A
Length 4:28
Label DGC
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Brad Wood and That Dog
Status Released
Retreat from the Sun track listing
"Every Time I Try"
"Long Island"

"Every Time I Try" is the eighth track on That Dog's third album, Retreat from the Sun.


What do you want to do
What do you want to do
Hey, I'm talking to you, my friend
Where do you want to eat
Where do you want to sleep
Are you talking to me, my friend?

I have this problem with you
I want to work it out but I don't know how to
Every time I try, every time I try
I cry... cry, cry, cry, cry
I cry over, I cry over you

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