Long Island

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"Long Island"
Long Island cover
Album track by That Dog
Album Retreat from the Sun
Released 1997
Recorded N/A
Length 2:36
Label DGC
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Brad Wood and That Dog
Status Released
Retreat from the Sun track listing
"Every Time I Try"
"Long Island"

"Long Island" is the ninth track on That Dog's third album, Retreat from the Sun.


You're pretty dreamy for a boy from Long Island
You should come to see me on my western horizon
It seems as though our paths were never meant to meet
But I just look at you and know you're really sweet
I want to set a place for you at my table
We could sit forever watching reruns on cable
I'll take you driving in my brother's beat up car
Sharing a cigarette we'll wish upon a star together
So you say you like my shirt/i like your shirt
And you say you've got a lot just like 'em/I've got a lot just like 'em
And I heard you wrote a song about me/la la la la

By definition a crush must hurt
And they do, and they do
Just like the one I have on you

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