Anytime At All

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"Anytime At All"
Anytime At All cover
Album track by AM Radio
Album Reactive
Released February 25, 2007
Length 4:02
Label Polydor Japan
Universal Distribution
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Status Officially released
Reactive track listing
"Stole the Show"
"Anytime At All"
"Bring It On"

"Anytime At All" is the tenth track from AM Radio's second album, "Reactive."



Music video

The music video for "Anytime At All" was directed and arranged by AM Radio bassist Jason Moore. It consists of old footage of the band.



One day you wake up and you wonder how you got so old
Spend your whole life chasing after what you could not hold
And your face that's in in the mirror you don't recognize
Maybe it's just part of someone that you left behind

Anytime at all (anytime)
You will never know
When it comes, you'll find (anytime)
There's no time at all

And you wake up to a room in someone else's home
Never settled down and maybe it's time to go
And your whole life flashed before you, it all seems strange
'Cuz the only thing that you wanted, you could never tame

I don't think that I will ever understand
All it takes to even really know
All it takes to even really understand
I don't think that I will ever know


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