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Beeswax album cover by Pony Eyelashes~.

Beeswax is the name of a fictitious Weezer album that was the subject of an online joke.

Back in 1999, during the band's first hiatus, a group of posters on developed a fictitious tracklist for a hypothetical third album, Beeswax. The Beeswax legend was further expanded and exaggerated by Weezer Nation board member Pony Eyelashes~. From the original posting:

  1. "Never Gonna Hear It"
  2. "Let's Sew Our Band Back Together" (Requiem for Matt)
  3. "Tired of Sitting on my Ass"
  4. "el Scrapo"
  5. "Undone - the Band Relationship song"
  6. "the Good Hive"
  7. "Her Love Is None of My Beeswax"
  8. "Paperwaste"
  9. "I Just Scrapped Out the Song of My Dreams"
  10. ______________________

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