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Beeswax cover
Beeswax album cover by Pony Eyelashes~
Studio album by Weezer
Released 1999

Beeswax is the name of a fictitious Weezer album that was the subject of an online joke.


Back in 1999, during the band's first hiatus, a group of posters on developed a fictitious tracklist for a hypothetical third album, Beeswax. The Beeswax legend was further expanded and exaggerated by Weezer Nation board member Pony Eyelashes~.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Never Gonna Hear It"    
2. "Let's Sew Our Band Back Together (Requiem for Matt)"    
3. "Tired of Sitting on my Ass"    
4. "El Scrapo"    
5. "Undone - The Band Relationship Song"    
6. "The Good Hive"    
7. "Her Love Is None of My Beeswax"    
8. "Paperwaste"    
9. "I Just Scrapped Out the Song of My Dreams"    
10. "______________________"    

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