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Simpleton cover
by Weezer
Released April 1, 2003
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Simpleton a fictitious fourth Weezer album created by Weezer fans as a prank. The prank happened in 2003 on Weezer message boards online.


Simpleton was created as a mock "sequel" to Pinkerton. Just as The Green Album was seen as a stylistic follow-up to the The Blue Album, it only made sense that Maladroit's follow-up, Simpleton, was to be similar to Weezer's sophomore album, complete with album art from a Japanese painting and a similar album title.

As an April Fools joke, Simpleton's release was 'scheduled' for April 1, 2003. Photos of the album in a box with The White Stripes' "Elephant" were used to further the ruse, claimed to have been delivered to a record store in such fashion.

The title, Simpleton, was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, the word simpleton is very similar to Pinkerton, both having nine letters and ending in "ton." Secondly, simpleton literally means "fool", which was a way of foreshadowing the joke's true nature.

The songs featured on the fake track listing mostly consist of real Weezer demo titles from the period, with "All Too Long," "Jonas is a Bitch," and "Sometimes It's OK to Give Up" being fan-made titles. "Happy Grunge" is the only real Weezer demo included on the Simpleton package to have never been released.

An earlier fictitious album was Beeswax, developed by fans on during Weezer's hiatus in 1999.

Real album

In 2006, members of a Weezer online message board community produced and recorded original songs based on the fake song titles that appeared on the Simpleton packaging.

The back cover revealed the fictitious track listing.

Fake track listing

  1. "Happy Grunge"
  2. "Three Sixty-Seven" ("367")
  3. "All Too Long"
  4. "Private Message"
  5. "Everybody Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone"
  6. "O Girl"
  7. "I Don't Want Your Lovin'"
  8. "Jonas is a Bitch"
  9. "Hold Me"
  10. "Sometimes It's OK to Give Up"

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