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Beverly Hills Pitchfork Media track review

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"Beverly Hills"
Beverly Hills cover
Review by {{{Artist}}} by Nick Sylvester
Album Make Believe
Reviewer Pitchfork Media
Published March 22, 2005
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Make Believe

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Beverly Hills
Reviewer: Nick Sylvester (Pitchfork Media)
Publishing date: March 22, 2005
Rating: 1/5
1/5 stars1/5 stars1/5 stars1/5 stars1/5 stars (1/5)

The only thing worse than this song's "ironic" 1-4-5, "ironic" lyrics, and "ironic" guitar solo are the people who genuinely like it all. You know the type-- he threw the party in Lowell House last week that had "Laid" and "Instant Pleasure" and "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "TNT" and "Baba O'Riley" on his Winamp playlist. He hung "Must Be 21 to Drink" signs on the walls between his Belushi poster and the inkjet printout of Carmen Electra wearing suspenders. He made a point of telling everyone he bought Smirnoff Ice "for the ladies." He wears flip-flops year-round, studies government, and at last count, has five different nicknames for his dick.
Actually I thought of one more thing worse than this song: all the L.A. kids smart enough to get Cuomo's joke, but still lame enough to quote the song's chorus in their AIM profiles when they really miss their big fucking houses and Harvard-Westlake proms and "animal-style" slabs of cowshit-- the world's most overrated sandwiches in the world's most overrated city. For Chrissake, somebody give Cuomo a star so we can forget about him again.

- Nick Sylvester, March 22, 2005

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