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Crumblin cover
Demo by The Rentals
Album Excellent Stocking Stuffer
Released 2001
Format CD
Length 2:21
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Excellent Stocking Stuffer track listing
"I Don't Love This, Babe" (demo)
"Friends of P." (demo)

This song is part of the "Naive" lineage of songs

Crumblin' is a demo by the Rentals (at that time under the moniker "That's Incredible!"). The song was later reworked, with new lyrics, into the track "Naive" for the album Return of the Rentals.



Elements from a song demoed by Matt Sharp in 1994, titled "Come Back to Me",[1] were later repurposed into the bridge featured in "Crumblin'" (and later "Naive"). The "Susanne" addressed in the chorus may be a reference to the Geffen A&R representative for whom the Weezer song "Susanne" is named. Matt Sharp also wrote the song "Mrs. Young" about the same subject as the Weezer song "Jamie".


You're ten years older than I
I bet that you think that I'm so young
You want to get on with your life
Have children and get married
See, I just got back from LA
And that's when I fell in love
Oh, but that girl broke my heart
And now I'm all alone

My life is crumblin'
My life is crumblin, Susanne
I feel I'm crumblin'
I think I'm crumblin, Susanne

I'm comin' to you as a friend
I'm comin' to you and no other
This time I need you, Susanne
So please, don't act like my mother

I think I'm crumblin'
I feel I'm crumblin', Susanne
I think I'm crumblin'
My world is crumblin', Susanne

I feel so lonely and sad
As I rest my head and go to sleep

I need to get back to L.A.
And stop chasing you around
Get back to the one I love
Get back to my sweet baby

I think I'm crumblin'
I think I'm crumblin', Susanne
I feel I'm crumblin'
I think I'm crumblin', Susanne

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