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"Glorious Day"
Glorious Day cover
Review by {{{Artist}}} by Soymilkrev
Album Weezer (The Green Album)
Reviewer Teenage Victory Songs
Published December 12, 2015
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Glorious Day
Reviewer: Soymilkrev (Teenage Victory Songs)
Publishing date: December 12, 2015
Rating: Mixed

Last time, with “Photograph,” I mentioned the hypnotic properties of The Green Album formula. I’ve been floating in that ooze a lot lately. Living in a busybody city like Seoul, I sometimes want to disengage from my aural environment, be it the talkshow drone of cab radio or the auditory hell of your average ramen bar. Green is the perfect fix: even if it didn’t have such a bricked master, its wall of sound frequency range could drown out pretty much any situational noise, with barely any compositional dynamics to distract me from my notebook or whatever other task might be at hand. There’s a utility to Green‘s frictionless surfaces that all but ensure it will remain my most played Weezer record.

By track nine, “Glorious Day,” I’m pretty much gone. Some details poke through, vaguely – weird, maybe-funny lines about “glorious children;” the hard rock guitar-and-cymbal fill that happens every eight bars in the verse; the poignant guitar intro that once made everyone so disappointed a prettier song didn’t ensue – but for the most part, it’s a whole lot of nothing. I keep coming back for more.

— Soymilkrev, December 12, 2015

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