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For the Green Album B-side, see Teenage Victory Song.

Teenage Victory Songs is a Weezer songblog run by former Albumsix boardie and mod Soymilkrev (FKA Agoodflyingbird).


The Teenage Victory Songs blog is often a place of long and detailed discussion of Weezer songs. The goal of the blog is to eventually have a page and an organization system for every Weezer song. The blog was created in mid 2008, and its first post was on July 14, 2008.


The blog rates the songs by assigning them tags. Songs can be marked under "The Very Best," "The Very Worst," or "The Grand Playlist," which applies to songs not quite good enough to be considered the best of Weezer's catalog, but still of respected quality. "The Grand Playlist" gets its name from Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo's organized list of all the songs he has ever written, which is named The Grand File.

List of reviews

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Song Date Published Rating Link
"California Kids" May 14, 2016 Mixed Link
"O Girlfriend" December 18, 2015 Positive
"The Grand Playlist"
"Glorious Day" December 12, 2015 Mixed Link

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