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The current banner of Allthingsweezer as of 2017.

Allthingsweezer (formerly known as Albumsix) is the name of a Weezer fansite started by boardies kingofthecounty and lordofthemanor. Although the website is still around, it is considered significantly less active than in the past and the discussion not as good as it had previously been. Almost all notable users have migrated to Strange And Distant Land.


Fake album, as Allthingsweezer was originally known, started off as a single home page with a mysterious image reading "Album Six, Coming Soon", which linked to the official Weezer website. Shortly after it began to gain steam, Karl Koch posted in Karl's Corner that he "honestly had no idea" what it was about. Later, Albumsix broke the news of Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo almost immediately after Cuomo himself had, leading many to first get their news of the album from Albumsix and not Cuomo's MySpace page.
Albumsix went on to post a fictitious teaser for the then confirmed sixth Weezer album. Albumsix called the album Tout Ensemble. Large music media publishers like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork Media took note of the fake album and began running news stories on it, confirming it as fact. Following naming the album, the website posted a false release date for Tout Ensemble of April 22, 2008.
Finally, Cuomo and Koch both made posts that Weezer was in no way affiliated with and that Weezer's new album was not called Tout Ensemble. changed the homepage to a letter admitting that they had made everything up.


After Tout Ensemble proved to be a hoax, was revamped into a forum. Soon, the original creators kingofthecounty and lordofthemanor teamed up with to make albumsix the Official forums. The forums grew very rapidly and are now read by all members of Weezer (Rivers Cuomo has not been confirmed), and several bits of Weezer information are released there by Koch, who posts under the name Karlophone. In the fall of 2009, the name of the website was changed to, with all traffic being redirected to the new address.


One of the more popular features on Allthingsweezer was the chat function. The chat is a place where many boardies discuss All Things Not Weezer, but when large pieces of Weezer news are released, the chat often turns into a heavily focused Weezer dicussion. Many times, fans arranged gatherings for Karl himself to come into the chat and interact with boardies. Often, Karl gave hints and nuggets of info as to new happenings in the Weezer world such as potential tour openers, details of unreleased songs, and comments about different moments in Weezer history. The chat eventually became unused, and nowadays there is no chat function on the site itself, though some members of the forums have created separate chats for boardies.

A former banner of, made by Headcheese.


In late September of 2008, Albumsix mysteriously crashed, but the forums were only temporarily down. User and Administrator lordofthemanor posted on the official forum that the site would be up again soon. When the site came back it had been significantly revamped and required re-registration (all of the data was lost in the crash).


During the early Albumsix period, the site temporarily had an online store featuring t-shirts with many designs created by the fans for the fans as well as several slogan t-shirts perpetuating the memes of the forums. The store was closed after it became too expensive to keep open.

Recent years

Allthingsweezer celebrated ten years in 2018. Later that year in December, a large section of the user base had become unsatisfied with the moderation of the website and created their own web forums, named Weezer Club. As of 2020, Weezer Club had been replaced by Strange And Distant Land, which is considered the superior Weezer web forum.

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