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The banner of All Things Weezer as of 2017.

All Things Weezer (formerly known as Albumsix) is the name of a Weezer fan website started by users kingofthecounty and lordofthemanor.


Fake album, as the page was originally known, started off as a single home page with a mysterious image reading "Album Six, Coming Soon", which linked to the official Weezer website. Shortly after it began to gain steam, Karl Koch posted in Karl's Corner that he "honestly had no idea" what it was about. Later, Albumsix broke the news of Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo almost immediately after Cuomo himself had, leading many to first get their news of the album from Albumsix and not Cuomo's MySpace page. Albumsix went on to post a fictitious teaser for the then confirmed sixth Weezer album, calling it Tout Ensemble. Large music media publishers like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork Media took note of the fake album and began running news stories on it, confirming it as fact [1]. Following naming the album, the website posted a false release date for Tout Ensemble of April 22, 2008.
Finally, Cuomo and Koch alerted news outlets that Weezer was in no way affiliated with and that Weezer's new album was not called Tout Ensemble. changed the homepage to a letter admitting that they had made everything up. Said Cuomo in an official statement:

Please note that Weezer and Geffen Records have no affiliation with The new Weezer record is not called "Tout Ensemble" and there is no official release date yet for the album. Remember, when its on, its for sure. (Though I will say, "well played", to the authors of that site.) 


A former All Things Weezer banner, made by Headcheese.

After Tout Ensemble proved to be a hoax, was revamped into a forum. Soon, the original creators kingofthecounty and lordofthemanor teamed up with to make albumsix the Official forums. The forums grew rapidly and were, over the years, visited by some Weezer-associated people, such as Karl Koch (under the username "karlophone") and Pat Wilson (under the username "thefranklinmint"). In the fall of 2009, the name of the website was changed to "All Things Weezer".


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All Things Weezer

Where speculation is fact and hope is all we have. Karlification no longer an option.

All Things Weezer (often abbreviated to ATW) is the primary subforum of Dedicated to Weezer-related discussions only, it is usually a place to receive very up-to-date Weezer news, even more up-to-date than Karl's Corner at times. The section was originated in Weezer Nation, and has also been adapted in Weezer Club as a name for their section of Weezer discussion.

All Things Not Weezer

Be careful where you put your hands, you don't know where it's been

All Things Not Weezer (often abbreviated to ATNW) is a section of for all off-topic discussion. ATNW has gained a rather illicit association from several NSFW topics, mostly originating on the Weezer Nation forum.[citation needed]

All Bands Not Weezer

Don't even bother; If you post about them, they're overrated. Trust me

Subforum dedicated to music discussion outside of the realm of Weezer.

Musicians' Corner

Where Tyler Scruggs releases and cancels his albums

Subforum dedicated to sharing and discussing personal music projects.

File Requests

Where you could upload Songs from the Black Hole in its entirety and people would complain it's not in FLAC.

Subforum in which files (generally live performances or rarer studio tracks) relating to Weezer can be requested and/or distributed.

The Palace

ლ( ̅°̅ ੪ ̅°̅ )ლ

A separate, less moderated subforum where members who are considered disruptive can post freely. It is possible to receive a ban from posting on every other subforum while retaining the ability to post on The Palace (known as a "palace ban"). It was originally called Sam's Roller Skating Palace.

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