Haunt You Every Day

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"Haunt You Every Day"
Haunt You Every Day cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Make Believe
Released May 10, 2005
Format CD, Vinyl
Recorded July 2004
Length 4:37
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 403
Producer Rick Rubin
Status Officially released
Live debut April 26, 2005
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Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(COR# ?)
"Haunt You Every Day"
(COR# 403)
"I Don't Need You"
(COR# 404)
Make Believe track listing
"Freak Me Out"
"Haunt You Every Day"

"Haunt You Every Day" is the twelfth and final track from Make Believe.



"Haunt You Every Day" is first known to have been demoed at S.I.R. Studios on November 19, 2002. The song continued to be rehearsed at S.I.R. and Swing House Studios throughout the following year, and was included on Rivers Cuomo's "A-List" of songs during pre-production on Make Believe throughout 2004. According to Cuomo, "Haunt You Every Day" was an assignment song given to him by producer Rick Rubin. It is also the first song he claims to have written entirely on piano (though it is unclear if this statement was in regards to an album song, or to all of his songs).

Band Commentary

Rivers: Rick said, write a song like Billy Joel or Elton John, so…
Brian: But no pressure!
Rivers: So, I didn’t really accomplish that at all, but I did write a song on the piano. So that’s about as close as I could come.
Brian: I think it’s a beautiful chord progression. It’s deceptively simple too. It sounds a little more complex than it is, and it’s great fun to play live - I wish we would’ve tracked it more, and played it - approached it more how we do now. But I think it came across pretty well. But I think - any regrets, I wish we could re-record that song how we do it right now.
Scott: It’s another one of those songs where the less bass notes I play on it, the better it works. I remember switching back and forth from trying to do it on piano, or Rivers playing it on guitar, and then going back and back and back, and it turned out to be just right.
Rivers: It’s the first song I wrote entirely on piano.

During the first leg of the Make Believe tour, Weezer used "Haunt You Every Day" as their finale before coming out for an encore. The song featured an extended intro and outro during live performances.




I don't feel the joy
I don't feel the pain
You were just a toy
I am just insane

Walking on my own
Leaving you behind
You were crying out
That you need to speak your mind

Oh, so alone in love
So alone in love
I'm going to haunt you every day
Haunt you every day

I am gonna kill
When I need a thrill
Eating at the heart
'Til I've had my fill
When will stupid learn
Fire's gonna burn
Think of consequence
Then you move when its your turn

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