Historic event: 02/05/1995

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Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Weezer Memories dispatch" series on November 24, 2011. (Please note that the date in this post is incorrect)

Weezer Memories Dispatch #1:
heres an original silkscreened poster for the Feb 23 1995 show at Vera in Gronigen, The Netherlands. (http://www.vera-groningen.nl/) I believe this was Weezer's 1st or 2nd show on the continent of Europe. This remains one of the coolest ever weezer posters, I had to have mine framed. the other copy i grabbed went to Todd Sullivan at geffen, where they framed it andf it hung on the wall in the geffen offices. i wonder what happened to that one. I also think Brian snagged a few. Imagine my disappointment when I soon realized that it was the exception when a Euro club did this, not the rule. Vera was super cool, not just a club, it was like an artist's co-op. At least we got this one - I love it. -Karl

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