Historic event: 03/28/1995

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10 years after huey lewis, weezer has finally made it hip to be square.

with underestimated guitar virtuosity, a unique sense of melody and an inordinate amount of star wars trivia, weezer is liberating geeks world-wide from years of social imprisonment. weezerheads. apparently the new york city chapter was having their prom at roseland.

the band's bargain basement "flying w" logo (the first homage to van halen of the evening) hung above the bare stage. a packed house of horseshacks, linus', radar o'reily's and potsies stood, crammed shoulder to shoulder, anxiously awaiting weezer's arrival. suddenly the house lights dimmed, the band's ge soft white logo lit up and...what came blaring from the pa? "undone?" "buddy holly?" nope. the theme from the a-team. yeah, i know. that would have been my next guess, too.

amidst all the fanfare, the band burst on stage, running in place, with their arms flailing above their heads. i didn't know whether they were there to play or to box apollo creed. but, as soon as the first distorted chords ripped from rivers cuomo's eddie van halen-striped guitar (the second homage of the evening), weezer was off and running.

well, years of learning kiss' "love gun" album note for note has finally paid off, 'cause weezer can play. in a musical world seething with lackluster ability, weezer shines. they easily match the raw energy of their self-titled debut album and go way beyond. as a self-appointed "ex-shredder," you can just hear the caged guitar god trapped inside an indifferent rivers cuomo.

speeding through high intensity versions of "no one else," "the world has turned and left me here," and "say it ain't so," the band seemed unaffected by their marathon tour schedule. bassist matt sharp seemed to lighten up his boredom with "undone - the sweater song)" by mumbling obscenities throughout. a brand new song called "getchoo" was so well received that everyone was singing along by the end of it.

the hyper-active crowd was a bit on the young side--i would say their ages ranged from college freshman to a few days older than a fetus. but whether you were the sons and daughters doing the "pogo" up front or their parents hanging out in the back (trying not to cramp their kids' style), everyone was having a great time. i caught a couple of moms and dads getting down with their bad selves throughout the night.

weezer is all about cheese. one must understand that to maximize the whole "weezer experience." weezer is about striking stupid rock star poses and loving it, 100 watt light shows, and battle star galactica. they're about albums you hate to admit you bought and having a good time at no one's expense but your own. how does that quote go? "...and the geeks shall inherit the \earth." whatever.

excerpt from mtv online

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