Historic event: 03/30/1992

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show #2: "No Bozo Jam" night, The Whisky A-Go-Go, Hollywood

...this was weezer's second show. Hollywood's Whiskey A Go-Go club, famous launching pad to the Doors, Guns N Roses, etc, held a weekly "no-bozo" night. The deal was thus: Very cheap [free?] admission for the crowd, with lots of new bands playing 4 song sets all night. The no-bozo thing meant that there'd be no chance of getting stuck with a crappy band for more than 4 songs. It was sort of a battle of the bands without prizes, and a way for a band to showcase themselves by getting as many of their own fans to show up for their set [...and then have their little flock of fans leave to demonstrate how "good" that band was, and how "bad" the next act was...] As rediculous as this was, it was actually a preferable scene to the norm, which was 'pay to play', where bands had to purchase their own tickets in advance and then try to sell enough before the show, hopefully making a profit...which was nearly impossible. Did I mention this was born out of the late 80's Sunset Strip Glam-Metal scene? Anyway, weezer signed up for a few of these early on, and the "No Bozo Jam" was history within 18 months.

The set for this show was:

i cant forget the way
the world has turned
the biggest animal

This show was 'bootlegged' by Karl, who used a cheap handheld voice recorder to capture the show.

The Whiskey, today

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