Historic event: 05/06/1995

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spring 1995

the finish of the winter/spring tour brought weezer members 2 months to do as they wished before gearing up for summer touring. the result of which brought some welcomed new material to the hands of fans.


the first item produced for fans around this time was from the rentals. the rentals appeared on the then upcoming "poop alley tapes", a compilation consisting of tracks from the rentals, that dog., beck, spain, and such. taped in the infamous l.a. poop alley studios, this is the first and only appearence of the song "california". the "poop alley tapes" can be found at the winrecords website.


this time also proved beneficial for brian bell's band, the spacetwins. The band finished mixing their demo, and started playing shows in los angeles. among songs produced the demo sessions were "no show", "a brief history", and "take my place" which later formed the "no show" 7" single. the "no show" single was the only official release that featured the original spacetwins line up (brian, susan, and mark). the single was also the only (so far) on world domination records.

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