Historic event: 05/10/1994

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weezer's first album is released

on what will perhaps go down as the greatest day in the history of rock music [at least as far as weezer fans are concerned] weezer's first album, titled 'weezer' or more affectionately called 'the blue album' was released.

produced by ric ocasek, of cars fame, the album took the world by storm, surgically implanting catchy melodies into the listeners head to help mask the sometimes serious and/or painful subject matter.

the album went on to produce 3 hits of varying degrees: first came 'undone - the sweater song', which introduced the world to weezer. second was 'buddy holly,' which thanks to a clever video by spike jonze took the world by storm and had 12 year olds as well as parents all across the nation humming the catchy tune and calling in radiostations begging to get their daily fix by having them play "that buddy holly song." third came 'say it ain't so,' which is one of the best weezer songs ever released [well, in my opinion at least]

truly a rock 'n roll tour de force.

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