Historic event: 07/19/2000

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fan report

Review of the 7/19/00 show in Las Vegas:

It was a really hot day (110 approx.) so it wasn't too fun to wait. But my friend and I did get to talk with Mikey for a little bit. He was nice and took pictures with us. He liked my friend's shirt so he decided that he wanted to trade her for it. He went inside and got one of the red =w= cartoon figure shirts and signed it and traded with her. It was kinda amusing. Pat also said hi. Rivers was pretty anti-social at this show. He was basically running to get away from fans. Also, contrary to what I've heard about Rivers and not smoking cigarettes, he was smoking on the day of this show (Marlboro lights for anyone who's interested).

The show was plagued by some sound problems and the stage was rather old. Karl was worried about fans being too rowdy and ruining the sound. He came out before the Weezer set and told everyone to jump straight up and down instead of jumping all around, because this could cripple the sound system. There were no sound problems during the set, however. I believe this was the first appearance of Ev'ry Nite, with the exception of soundchecks. They also played an early version of Too Late to Try. Brian wasn't even sure of all of the words to it yet, and had a piece of paper with the lyrics to the song by his feet. That's about all of interest that I can remember about this show.


note: nerf herder opened this gig.

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