Historic event: 09/??/1994

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Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Today in Weezer history" series on December 24, 2013.

Today in Weezer History: 12/24/XXXX - No known major weezer activity on 12/24, so we do a random throwback today, revealing a hard to date artifact created by Rivers Cuomo. This was a mock up of an early idea for the cover to the Buddy Holly CD single, which dates this to probably September 1994, when that single was first planned. The piece is made from an original '94 Geffen weezer promo sticker used as the background, with a hastily cut out photocopy of a photo of the band glued to it. This photo ended up on the back cover of the actual CD single whereas on the front cover 2 different childhood photos of Rivers were used, different ones for the US promo and the UK retail editions.

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