Historic event: 09/03/2011

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Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Weezer Memories dispatch" series on March 22, 2012.

Weezer Memories Dispatch #5
So last September ('11) we did the Minnesota State Fair. I was supposed to fly in from New York that morning, check in at the hotel, and then join the band (who were arriving seperately from L.A.) that afternoon and head over to the show. As bad luck would have it, it was a bad travel day for me. My flight was delayed and then cancelled altogether due to a broken airplane. After hours of airport hell, I got myself on a later flight on a different airline, but this routed from NY to Atlanta to Minnesota, and landed in Minneapolis about 1 hour before the band was to start playing. It was going to be really tight - thats usually when i am on stage setting up my cameras. But it was my only choice so I took it and crossed my fingers. Crossing my fingers failed. My luggage never made it to Minnesota. I didnt care so much about my clothes, but half of my camera stuff was in the luggage too. Specifically the half that connects all my little video cameras to their places they go on stage - the mounting hardware. Also missing now was the hardware that connects my video camera to my still camera. Without these essential items, and very little time to spare before the show, it was an engineering challenge of MacGyver levels. I had only gaffer tape to work with, borrowed from the guitar techs. I slapped the tape on the little video cameras and just taped them onto mic stands. A few fell off during the show, but I did manage to get some useable footage. The real hard challenge was mounting my main video camera to the still camera, with nothing to do it with. Well, almost nothing - as a "we're sorry" item, Delta provided me with a overnight kit of t-shirt and toiletries. As it was literally all I had except for the contents of my camera case, I decided to look for something useful in it. And thats when I saw the odd perfectly cylindrical little deoderant bottle. Thanks Delta! The pictures can tell the rest of the story...

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