I'll Think About You

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"I'll Think About You"
I'll Think About You cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone II
Released November 25, 2008
Recorded 1997
Length 3:01
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 179
Producer Rivers Cuomo
Status officially released
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 178)
"I'll Think About You"
(RC# 179)
"No Other One"
(RC# 180)
Alone II track listing
"Cold and Damp
"I'll Think About You"

"I'll Think About You" is a track from "Alone II".


"I'll Think About You" was written in 1994 and demoed by Rivers around the same time, but remained dormant until 1997 when Rivers considered it for the Homie project.

A live version of this song performed by Homie is a commonly-traded MP3 among fans. On this bootleg, Rivers says, "it sounds kinda like the theme to Sesame Street," before the song is played. On Troublemaker Tour 2008, portions of the main melody were played as an outro to the song "Keep Fishin'".

The version featured on Alone II is an actual Homie recording and not Rivers' original 1994 demo. This version, however, is believed not to be from the Homie album sessions.

Liner notes

Since late '92, through many of the difficult days of playing the clubs in L.A. with Weezer, Jennifer Chiba had been my kind-of-girlfriend. I had benefitted greatly from her care and yet I had always kept my heart hard to her, believing that if Weezer did make it, I would want to be free for the many superior options I imagined would be available to me. Now in the summer of '94, as Weezer was indeed starting to make it, Chiba said she would resist me because of my refusal to commit. But whenever Weezer came through town I called her up looking for a place to stay (because I was no longer renting an apartment) and she gave in, letting me into her heart and home. In mid-July, when Weezer came to L.A. to record some B-sides ("Mykel and Carli", "Susanne", and "My Evaline") I stayed with her. We had an argument. She wanted more commitment and I wanted continued freedom. At the end of the work period, I flew back to my mom's house in Connecticut and on July 14 wrote a song called "I'll Think About You" (Track 19) that I hoped captured the pain and conflict of my situation with Chiba.
I was glad the song had a few cynical, even sinister, lines ("You know I loved playing with you"; and "Ten girls under my shoe") undercutting the happy, sing-songy vibe of the music and I loved the high vocal melody, doubled by the organ, after the second chorus.



  • Rivers Cuomo – lead vocals, guitar
  • Drew Parsons - bass guitar
  • Jay Buckley - keyboards
  • Fred Eltringham - drums


I've been standin' here
For a long, long time
Thinkin' about the fight we had
Oh oh

Now maybe we're all through
Or we've just begun
But there's just one thing I need to say
Hey hey

Everywhere I go
Everything I do
No matter whose I am,
I'll think about you

It may have been a game
It might have hurt a lot
But no one put you in that ring
Uh huh

So we kiss goodbye
You know I love you true
You know I love playin' with you

Everywhere I go
Everything I do
Ten years down the road
Ten girls under my shoe,
No matter whose I am,
I’ll think about you

Everywhere I go
And everything I do
Ten years down the road
Oh! Ten girls under my shoe,
No matter whose I am,
I’ll think about you
Oh! oh! oh!
I’ll think about you...

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