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"In the Mall"
In the Mall cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Raditude
Released November 3, 2009
Length 2:39
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Producer(s) Jacknife Lee
Status Officially released
Live debut yet to be played live
Stream Spotify
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Raditude track listing
"Let It All Hang Out"
"In the Mall"
"I Don't Want to Let You Go"

"In the Mall" is the ninth track on Weezer's 2009 album Raditude.



"In the Mall" was written by drummer Patrick Wilson. The existence of this song was made known to fans through the digital program guide for KROQ's Weenie Roast, which Weezer was headlining. Wilson jokingly referred to the song as his "favorite song of 2009."

The guitar solo, played by Wilson, makes musical reference to Alex Lifeson's solo from Rush's "Tom Sawyer". Wilson has been noted as an admirer of Rush and their 1982 album Moving Pictures in which "Tom Sawyer" originally appears. The song may have been referenced due to its popularity around the time of Pat's mall-going youth. An earlier mix of the song contains a different solo, which musically references the guitar solo from Journey's 1981 hit "Don't Stop Believin'."

An earlier mix of the song, produced by Jacknife Lee, leaked online in 2017.


In a band commentary on the album, Wilson stated, "I actually wrote that song and Rivers was cool enough to sing it. It's kind of about thinking back to when I was a younger kid and that was the goal of the day: Go to the mall." He elaborated on this further on the AllThingsWeezer message board on September 18, 2011 [1] by posting the following:

Ah, In The Mall
Let me paint a clearer picture.
It's 1986, you live in a suburb of Buffalo and the mall is literally the least bleak place you can go. It's cold and grey, you smoke weed and play arcade games. However as a child the mall was magic, endless shit you thought was amazing but could not buy and hot pretzels to boot. But now it's just a place to be a dirtbag with no future because you can't fit in to any part of social life without getting into trouble. The song is a lament.
It was a mistake to have it be on a =w= album and to have Rivers sing it. Life can be very confusing sometimes and I am sorry it has caused the faithful anguish. Maybe someday there will be a version that makes more sense.

The mall being referenced in the song is The Eastern Hills Mall, as told in the mall employee voiceover (performed by Cuomo and then sped up) right before the solo. It is located in Williamsville, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo and in the neighborhood in which Wilson grew up.



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In the mall, in the fall
We sneak into the emergency hall
First we smoke then have a smoke
Get change for tokens and a pretzel and a coke

Now we're ready
In the mall I was in the mall
Keepin' steady
In the mall, I was in the mall, in the mall

Holidays are on their way
These decorations have so much to say
Loses meaning going west
Don't get the seasons so you don't get the best

Bells are ringing in the mall
I was in the mall
Now we're singing in the mall
I was in the mall, I was in the mall, I was in the mall

Take the elevator to the escalator
Ride it down and start again

Attention shoppers, will Pat Wilson's mother please come to the Eastern Hills Mall Information Desk?

All together
In the mall, I was in the mall
No place better
In the mall, I was in the mall, I was in the mall, in the mall

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