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Rush is a legendary progressive rock band that came about 1968 and just recently went into retirement as a band in 2016. Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson has been noted as being an admirer of Rush in his younger days. He has made reference to Rush at least twice during his tenure in Weezer.

Weezer references to Rush

In 2000, during Goat Punishment shows, Wilson and bassist Mikey Welsh would occasionally reference the drum and bass lines from the Rush instrumental "YYZ".

November 14, 2001 Weezer recorded the song Cygnus X-1 during recording sessions for Maladroit.

It is unknown whether the band named the track after the song by Rush, the celestial body that inspired the Rush song, or both.

Wilson's guitar solo on the Raditude track "In The Mall" makes musical reference to Alex Lifeson's solo from Rush's classic song "Tom Sawyer".