Jimmy Eat World

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Jimmy Eat World
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1993–present
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Label(s) Wooden Blue Records (1994)
Capitol Records (1995-2000)
Dreamworks (2001-2003)Records
Interscope Records (2003-present)
Website http://www.jimmyeatworld.com
Current Members
Jim Adkins - lead vocals, guitar
Tom Linton - guitar, vocals
Zach Lind - drums
Rick Burch - bass
Former Members
Mitch Porter - bass

Jimmy Eat World are a power-pop/emo rock band formed in Mesa, Arizona in 1992.


Along with bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, The Wedding Present, and Weezer, Jimmy Eat World is considered an early proponent of the development of a style of rock that is now commonly referred to as emo - although, by today's standards (much like Weezer), they have little resemblance to the current emo scene. Early material by the band was quite raw and very much in the pop-punk/indie vein, but the band has evolved into a potent, pop-saturated rock unit, with well-written songs, tight harmonies, and of course, loud guitars whenever possible.

Weezer connections

Jimmy Eat World and Weezer in Japan, July 2009

Jimmy Eat World is considered by many to be a contemporary of Weezer, as both bands formed the same year, and released their debut albums the same year. However, while Weezer shot right to the top of the charts with their first album, Jimmy Eat World languished in obscurity for years before their 2001 emergence.

The band members were early friends of Mykel and Carli Allan and wrote the song "Hear You Me", from the 2001 album Bleed American, as a tribute to the sisters. They toured with Weezer on the 2001 Extended Midget Tour.

Jimmy Eat World and Weezer both appeared on the children's music compilation "Yo Gabba Gabba! - Music is... Awesome Volume 2" in 2010.


Year Title Label
1994 Jimmy Eat World Wooden Blue
1996 Static Prevails Capitol
1999 Clarity Capitol
2000 Singles Capitol
2001 Bleed American Dreamworks
2004 Futures Interscope
2007 Chase This Light Interscope
2010 Invented Interscope
2013 Damage RCA, Exotic Location
2016 Integrity Blues RCA, Exotic Location
2019 Surviving RCA, Exotic Location

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