Karl's Corner - 01/16/2000

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What do "black fur in the hour of chaos", "master of the long boats", "Somebody told me Ben Gay doesnt work", "conversationalist", "please pick up the phone", "a day in the life", "negativland", "frisbee days", "nobody acts like this", and "blast off!" all have in common? They are all titles of songs that members of weezer (and in many cases, the whole band together) have recorded! What are these songs? Where? When? How? The answers are in "Weezer and its cousins: A Recording History", coming soon to this space.

Essential for the serious weezer song completists and trainspotters out there...and who isn't one?

hey: Steve (of the frozen north) and Justin (of the milk boats) took some cool pictures when the S.G. tour came to the towns nearest them (tour detailed below) , and posted them for everyone to check out.

click here to go to Steves big library of photos from the Minneapolis show

click here to go to Justins smaller but still cool selection of shots from when the SG crashed at his pad after the Pittsburgh show.