Karl's Corner - 01/22/2007

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01/22/07 cranlets, bunfords, fjordlings, dushniks

Factory Girl, photography © 2007

...2/14 update: happy 15th anniversary to weezer! Plus happy weezer t-shirt day (rock one to show weez solidarity today)! and happy Valentine's day too of course.

...2/1 update: Happy Birthday to Patrick Wilson!

...1/29 update: Mtv viewers, listen for Weezer's "Beverly Hills" tonight on MTV's 'The Hills'. The show airs at 10pm EST.

..."Factory Girl" is finally out in limited release, and the word is in that Brian and Pat do make it on screen breifly (as Lou Reed and John Cale - see todays photo (full size) for a still [thanks to Sean for the pic]), but their cover of the Velvet Underground's "Heroin" is not in the film. Major bummer! The film it self is getting some fair reviews, some comparing it to 'Almost Famous' and 'I Shot Andy Warhol', but many saying it lacked authentic flavor of the 60's. Well, of course now the REAL question is "will there be a soundtrack CD - and will Brian and Pat's cool version of "Heroin" be on it?". At the very least it should be an extra on the DVD when it's released. Guess we'll have to see. Thanks to Greg from Weerez.com for on the spot reportage.

...2007: definitely more weez than 2006. Well, that's the smell of it so far, IMHO.

...weez fandom proceeds apace, even as the band has been quiet: A young fan (thanks to dad Mike S.), Goat Punishment tattoo (thanks to Ron), a junglistic weez-fan cover insertion (by Kevin K.), from Kansas City a report that "96.5 The Buzz is doing a "My List Mornings" where listeners submit their top 10 songs to be played for the morning show and about 90% of them have at least one Weezer song in them, spanning every album and not just the singles." (thanks to Kris), and an odd report from Canada: "MuchMusic is running its top 100 videos today. Weezer's "Holiday" came in at #77. A short clip of Rivers runs right after." ...er, 'Holiday' video? Didn't know about that one, but thats awesome all the same! (thanks to Chris)

...I've been asked "why hasnt the Weezer Wikipedia page been updated?" The answer: I dont know - Wikipedia is open for everyone to participate and edit. If youve got facts its missing, go plug 'em in! (It looks pretty solid to me, as of 1/20/07...)

...weez cover band alert #23842 in a series: Douglas S. ('Millhouse' from WeezerJonas.com) has recorded some acoustic weezy covers for the masses. (He's usually in this band)

...and finally, in totally unrelated (yet somehow related) news, yours truly is about to release a new album in the coming days/weeks. Come be my friend and you'll know the latest.