Karl's Corner - 02/23/2005

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02/23/05 i didn't go to boarding schools

THANK YOU! We got hundreds of responses in just a few hours, thanks so much for jumping in to help out so fast! At this point, we must ask you to stop sending application emails, as theres already more applicants than can participate. Those who wrote in, you will be contacted upon approval, soon! But if you are not contacted, then thanks so much for writing in, but you were too late. We REALLY appreciate your enthusiasm, and the "Beverly Hills" video will rule with your help!

2/25: info has been updated AGAIN! - please read carefully!
...Southern California Weezer fans! (or weezer fans who happen to be in SoCal right now) Read on, for we need 150 of you to be in the NEW WEEZER VIDEO for "Beverly Hills":

Heres the lowdown...
Director: Marcos Siega (of 'Hash Pipe' fame and many more)
Shoot Date: Monday, Feb. 28th, 2005
Call time: 3 groups needed: 50 at 7 am, 50 at 12 noon, 50 at 5 pm
Schedule: From your call time (be it 7, 12, or 5) till 10pm.
Location: Los Angeles see below!

IMPORTANT: WHAT YOU NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW - FRIDAY 2/25 - If you want to be a part of this video!

Send an email to weezerfeb05video-(at)-yahoo.com. Include in your email: - your full name
- your contact phone numbers
- your email address
- your age (18+ ONLY!)
- whether you are male or female.

remember: In order to be considered for the video, Fans must be 18 or older and available from 7am to 10pm on Monday, Feb. 28th.

note that fans will not receive a call or email back unless chosen for the video.
After fans are chosen they will be called to set in groups at the various times.

If you are chosen:
- All fans must bring with them valid photo ID which will be checked upon arrival or they will be sent home.
- fans will be required to sign a talent release.
- No digital cameras, still cameras, video cameras or audio recorders are allowed.
- Wardrobe: Summer look - bring 2-3 outfits to pick from.
- food will be provided!

Help make the "Beverly Hills" video a success! Thanks!!!

...in a different, disturbing note, we've learned that Philadelphia's Y-100 radio station, a HUGE weezer supporter over the years, has unexpectedly been forced off the air! You can help try and get it back on, go to this website and sign the web petition! Y-100 played weezer more than virtually any other radio station and has had the band on twice for its famous 'Sonic Sessions'. Please help save it (and good music on the radio in general!)