Karl's Corner - 03/31/2007

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03/31/07 fjordlings, caplets, poultices, asps

Tom from Kartboy, photography © 2007

...*UPDATE 4/9* check out this ebay auction for that rather cool portrait painting of Rivers - it's back up and looking for a winning bidder! The artist/seller Jesse says "...Happy Easter, everybody, and hope you get a great deal. I painted this for fun and feel that it's a piece of high quality artwork." It ends on April 13, so dont sleep!

...hey folks. As we collectively emerge into the feeble fobblings of spring, beautiful things crop up. Like "Blades Of Glory". Looking for wild new weezer news? Sorry, no cakes are ready for eating yet. Go watch "Blades Of Glory" and read some Achewood.

...which is not to say nothing's happening. Brian B. of Ohio State University reports on a unique interview that Rivers gave to his class recently, almost out of the blue. "...Last quarter I was fortunate enough to take English 560 with Professor Renker. Somehow, she must have gotten in contact with Rivers, and he responded. In turn, an interview was setup where our class got to interview Rivers via webcam. The class focused on interpreting song lyrics and poetry with thematic similarities. We actually analyzed 4 or 5 Weezer songs ("undone," "across the sea," "beverly hills," "island in the sun," etc.) so it was amazing to be able to talk about this with Rivers. He was an incredibly nice guy, and being a Weezer fan for 15 years now, it was incredible that he would be so kind to give our class (roughly 20 people) this opportunity. The interview was at 9:30 E.T., so Rivers was up quite early being on the West coast. The interview lasted about an hour and a half and was recorded, and I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it will be available somewhere on the English Department website at www.osu.edu." [FYI: haven't been able to find this yet on the OSU website.]

...Rolling Stone blogs about weezy things again.

...Has anyone won yet? Is it winnable. In other words, is this a thing that will be won.

...Weezer cover band insanity!
- more good stuff from Malaysia's Unlike Honey.
- Akai Sky (Japan) covers 'Island in the Sun' and 'Hash Pipe'
- Tony Acoustic covers 'The World Has Turned..' on his MySpace page.
- from Finland: mucho Weez covers here.
- Firetruck covers 'Buddy Holly'.
- An Undone remix.

...todays photo (large size here) comes from Tom at Kartboy. Its a certain drummer doing some sort of crazy car customizing work in a tyvek, er, bunny suit! Pat is, as they say, full of suprises.