Karl's Corner - 05/06/2000 (a)

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Hello! I have seized control of this battlestation once more... It was about to crash into Dantooine, but I have achieved a low orbit....Anyway, I have returned from a big mixed up trip out west, which included both a Special Goodness tour and sitting in on Weezer rehersals In L.A.! YES, stuff is happening!

I am currently delerious from driving across the country in record time, so Ive gotta go to bed right now...... but these are the subjects im gonna tackle for you in the next few days...

  1. Weezer rehersals... i cant tell you everything, but its all good.
  2. Weezer shows in Japan in August!
  3. Special Goodness spring '00 tour diary
  4. (finally) The completion of the Recording History, taking us to present day....
  5. responses to your many requests and demands for fanclub stuff, and answers to a bunch o' random questions.

ok. ill be putting up what I can as fast as I can....