Karl's Corner - 07/08/2003

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07/08/03 ghettoes of the mind

new and upcoming weezer track roundup:

"Why Bother" [live, Summer '02] - on the Petra Haden benefit double 7", out now.

"Worry Rock" [cover version recorded 2/03] - on “A Different Shade of Green”, the Green Day tribute album due 7/22 on Skunk Ape Records.

"You Wont Get With Me Tonight" [1995 'Black Hole' demo] - on "Gimmie Skelter", a compilation CD due 9/30, on Buddyhead records.

...also, a weezer related track: on DJ Mark Ronson's album, due 8/23, Rivers collaborates on a sorta rock, sorta dance track entitled "I Suck".

Weezer DVD notes: main content finished, in review for editorial changes. projected final runtime over 3 hours. Architecture, menus, packaging coming up next. No release date set, likely [but not definitely] out by the holiday season '03.

Blue Album Special Edition notes: in planning stages. No schedule known yet.

Album 5 notes: in pre-production: regular and acoustic rehearsals, demo recordings. Rick Rubin to produce album. No start time set yet - possibly summer or fall. Details to come as known.