Karl's Corner - 07/30/2000

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I write this after the second L.A. show at the Troubador of Hollywood. Both tonight's show and last night's at the Whiskey ROCKED OUT! Thanks to all the fans in attendance for freaking out with the best of them! ...It seems our light-up "=W=" sign had a few glitches at the Whiskey, and didnt always activate. I think it worked better at the Troubador. No new songs were debuted at either show; both sets included "Your Sister", "Superstar", "Too Late to Try", and "Slob". Mikey went for another Surf Wax stage dive, and seemed to get pretty far out there this time. I helped reel him back in, and people didnt seem to want to let go!... The wild and provocative Third Grade Teacher opened the show, and slowly won people over with their freaky rock music and Catholic girl school outfits.

...Solving the mystery section: A lot of people have been saying that they've downloaded an mp3 of a song from February 2000 titled "Game Over". And everyone insisted that its a Rivers demo. Rivers, however, had no memory of such a song. Well, after witnessing two sets from Ozma, I can safely say that "Game Over" is by Ozma, and the mp3 must be simply mis-labeled....Also, there is another mp3 out there that everyone was saying was weezer: "Why Cant You". This is actually by a band called Iboldtrain.

...We fly to Japan on Wednesday, and everyone is super excited. We now have 2 days to run around like headless chickens, trying to get a million things done before we go. I'm not sure I'll be able to post updates when I'm over there, but if I cant I'll simply write a nightly entry, and post it all at once when we return to the USA (the Hawaii show)...

...The previously promised mpegs and still shots from our show home videos will have to wait a while longer. Tomorrow I'm returning the unhappy video capture stuff I bought, and ordering a better system. It will be worth the wait, I promise...