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Karl's Corner - 08/12/2006

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08/12/06 summertime rolls

unknown/Ryan Doss, photography © 2006

...and rolls and rolls. Things are still quiet on the Weez-stern front (oof, bad pun alert), with question marks still floating around the potential Greatest Hits album, Live DVD, new server (again) for weezer.com (and what potential good changes that could bring) and the general plans of the band.

Theres a small list of for sure items, however. The first thing is that a new interview with Rivers has been published, this time by the Buhddist/meditation oriented magazine Tricycle. Although alert fans will be familiar with some of the material covered, its still a really good piece that sums up how Rivers (and Weezer) arrived at their current state, and how that state is one of positivity and growth. Tricycle is a cool non-profit mag thats available at select newstands including some Barnes and Nobles. (To help you look for it - the cover looks like this.) But if you can't find it, the article is available on the website to subscribers.

Another for sure item is that there will be a 'Volume 2' in the '“Weezer Scrapbook '05” video clip series on the media page. Its still in the preliminary stages, but once these things are up in the video editing stage, they temd to come together quickly.

...And finally, Here's something you dont see everyday - weezer fandom at 13,500 feet! Sent in by Ryan D., the skydiver in question.