Karl's Corner - 09/02/2003

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09/02/03 prelude to say brother


upcoming weez: "You Wont Get With Me Tonight" [1995 'Black Hole' demo] - on "Gimmie Skelter", an excellent compilation CD due 10/21... [or is it 9/30?], on Buddyhead records.

Weezer DVD notes: title chosen, main content finished, waiting for 2 replacement pieces [upgrades/revisions]. Photography for packaging and menu screens complete. Packaging and menu design underway. Booklet liner notes and layout in progress. Architecture is plotted but not actually programmed yet. Band commentaries yet to be 'married' to the structure. Runtime 3 to 3.5 hours. No release date set, possibly out by the holiday season '03, or early '04.

Blue Album Special Edition notes: Both music content and packaging layout are in progress. This will be a 2 disc set in the Universal Deluxe Edition series. Lots of cool and unseen photos have been selected for the booklet and packaging and the bonus tracks are in the selection process. Extensive liner notes and all lyrics included. Besides the blue album songs, it will include all blue album era b-sides, a selection of special rarities, and some never before released material. No release schedule known yet.

Album 5 notes: no major changes yet since last update. Pre-production continues: acoustic rehearsals and demo recordings, lots of killer new songs. Rick Rubin to produce album. No start time set yet. More details to come as known.

...and in "other bands the guys are in" news, check out Brians Space Twins site for some cool news, namely their new album making it onto FMQB.com's top 20 list with an excellent review to boot. And check out Pat's The Special Goodness site too, as the SG has signed a deal with Epitaph Records and has filmed a sweet new video...