Lee Loretta

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Lee Loretta
Background information
Origin Buffalo, NY
Years active 19992000
Instrument(s) Drum kit
Associated acts
The Special Goodness

Lee Loretta was a drummer for The Special Goodness during its first two tours.


Loretta befriended Special Goodness lead singer and Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson in Buffalo, New York, where both musicians attended school with one another. Wilson recalls visiting Loretta, who owned a drumset, to play music with him and another friend.

MR: Lee, have you played with any other bands?

Lee: I've played with the Lee Loretta Pat Wilson Experience my entire drumming career.

Pat: He had a drum set and I didn't. I had a bass. I'd go over to his place and we would play.

Lee: Pat didn't even have cords or an amp but he would rest the bass on the dryer so it would resonate (laughter). We brought in our friend and we would play Ozzy.

Pat: Our friend was the one kid in school who could play guitar but he was a Randy Rhodes head so he was all into "Crazy Train" and all that Ozzy stuff. He sucked, too. The only song he knew from start to finish was "Crazy Train" (imitating his friend) "All right, we're gonna play 'Crazy Train' again".

MusicRag.com interview, March 12, 2000

Loretta played drums with the Special Goodness during its fall 1999 and spring 2000 tours, alongside Wilson and Mikey Welsh. He was replaced by Atom Willard in 2001.

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