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This page is for the band. For the self-titled album, see The Special Goodness (album).
The Special Goodness
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1996–present
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Label(s) N.O.S./Epitaph/Surf Green Records
Current Members
Patrick Wilson
Former Members
Atom Willard
Pat Finn
Lee Loretta
Jeb Lewis
Mikey Welsh
Murph Karges
Scott Shriner

The Special Goodness is Patrick Wilson's side project. Wilson is the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for the band.


As other members of Weezer became restless due to periods of inactivity, or frustrated with Rivers Cuomo's dominance over the band's creative influx, they began to seek outside avenues to pursue their muse. Following Brian Bell's The Space Twins and Matt Sharp's The Rentals, Wilson decided to get into the act.

The Special Goodness can trace its roots back to 1994, when Wilson made a seven-track demo tape under the name Suburban Advantage. Using a Dr. Rhythm drum machine (set to the TR-808 kit), it was his first concerted attempt at a quality demo of his own material.

In late 1995, amidst various Pinkerton sessions, Wilson found the time to record no less than three different demos as Huge Guy. These recordings evolved directly into the early 1996 sessions for his debut, The Special Goodness (Aka The Bunny Album). Despite the matching name, this album was is not considered a The Special Goodness album, rather a Patrick Wilson solo album. It was released exclusively in Japan, though a US release was considered.

During Weezer's hiatus after the Pinkerton tour, Wilson revived the project, and began making new demos. He intended on launching The Special Goodness as a full-fledged band, and employed various musicians, both in the studio and on tours, such as bassists Murphy Karges (of Sugar Ray), Mikey Welsh (formerly of Weezer), Scott Shriner (currently of Weezer), Pat Finn, Jeb Lewis and drummer Lee Loretta.

After recording the 2001 self-released disc At Some Point, Birds And Flowers Became Interesting, the drum kit was filled permanently by Atom Willard (Rocket from the Crypt, Angels & Airwaves, The Offspring). While the bass duties remain in flux, Wilson considers himself and Willard to be the official lineup.

Wilson took the duo into the studio to record Land Air Sea, which was initially released in 2003 on N.O.S. Recordings, then reissued in 2004 with Epitaph, in a remixed/reordered edition. The band toured extensively behind this release, including an opening slot for the Foo Fighters. Coincidentally, both bands were fronted by the drummer from another influential band.

The Special Goodness booked studio time and apparently recorded a full album's worth of material in 2006, but the material was scrapped. Word has it Wilson quelled its release due to concerns over commercial viability.

After several reports by Wilson in late 2011 that a new Special Goodness album was supposedly recorded, the fourth full length studio album Natural was eventually released digitally on May 22, 2012. However, Willard was not involved in the making of the album.

The band's name comes from Wilson's description of how he feels when making music, and was an early vote of his for Weezer's name. Wilson has cited acts such as The Beatles, The Smiths, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd as influences for the band.[1]



While The Special Goodness was originally credited solely to Patrick Wilson, later reissues credit the album as a self-titled Special Goodness album.

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For a complete listing of demo sessions, please see List of Special Goodness demos.

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