The Special Goodness (album)

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The Special Goodness
The Special Goodness cover
Studio album by The Special Goodness
Released November 21, 1998 (Japan)
Recorded March-April 1996
Tom Ackerman's house
White Horse studios
Genre Alternative rock
Length 37:04
Label Rock Records
Producer Tony Lash
The Special Goodness chronology
The Special Goodness
At Some Point, Birds And Flowers Became Interesting

The Special Goodness is the self-titled debut album by Patrick Wilson's side project apart from Weezer..


The Special Goodness was released in 1998, a full two years after being recorded, in Japan only. A US release was negotiated with Geffen Records (who went so far as to press CD-R promos in late 1996), Vast Records (the label that released the benefit compilation Hear You Me! A Tribute To Mykel And Carli), and Loosegroove Records (who folded before the deal was completed), but for various, mostly unknown reasons, these deals all fell through.


The album, which is affectionately known as The Bunny Record due to its original cover art, was recorded in March and April of 1996, before the completion of Pinkerton. It was later sold by Wilson at shows on the fall 1999 Special Goodness US tour, with three total pressings, each with a different DIY photocopied cover.

The album is actually credited to Patrick Wilson, with The Special Goodness seemingly being the album's title alone. However, it is generally considered to be the band's first album. All songs were written, and performed mainly, by Wilson. "Pay No Mind" and "Pardon Me" would be later re-recorded for 2003's Land Air Sea.

Although they are, of course, open to interpretation, many fans agree that the vast majority of the lyrics on The Bunny Record reflect his experiences during Weezer's initial rise to stardom, and the personal dynamics within the band. In particular, these subjects include disillusionment with rock stardom, and Rivers Cuomo's behavior during this period.


  • Patrick Wilson - Guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
  • Pat Finn - bass on 8
  • Tony Lash - percussion on 4 & 8, keyboards on 8, producer, engineer, mixing

Track Listing

All songs written by Patrick Wilson.

No. Title Length
1. "Congratulations"   3:43
2. "Fatigue"   2:32
3. "Pay No Mind"   3:11
4. "I'd Like To Know"   3:54
5. "Conquistadors Of Nothing"   3:59
6. "A Hundred Times As Good"   2:56
7. "Pardon Me"   2:52
8. "A Fortunate Mistake"   6:50
9. "I'm Not Too Proud"   2:28
10. "It's All Here In This Book"   4:42
Total length:

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