Left Nut

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Left Nut
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts
Years active 1988(?)-1992(?)
Genre(s) Punk rock, Garage punk
Former Members
Norman "Steamy Latrine" Jabar (vocals)
Barry Edwards (guitar)
Don Gardiner (guitar)
Mikey Welsh (bass)
Gary Gardiner (drums)
Tom Canalli (bass)

Left Nut was a punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that featured former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh.


Left Nut was formed in 1988, originally consisting of members Norman "Steamy Latrine" Jabar, Barry Edwards, Don Gardiner, Gary Gardiner, and Tom Canalli, self-described as a garage punk band offering "a no wimps blend of Punk rock and Beer Drinking Southern Slam".[1] The band entered the Boston music scene that same year, and in 1990, released their first album, Everything It Takes to Be an Asshole. Shortly after the release of the album, then-bassist Tom Canalli quit Left Nut, allowing Mikey Welsh to audition and join the band.[2] Mikey Welsh joined the band for the release of their second and final album, Bad Attitude, No Apologies in 1991, being only 19 years old at the time of release.[3] Sometime after the release of Bad Attitude, No Apologies, Left Nut broke up, with some of the members (Barry Edwards, Don Gardiner, and Gary Gardiner) going on to form Ten Star General, a band of similar style to Left Nut.[4]


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